Water4Ghana is…

Water4Ghana wants to supply the people in the Tamale region in the north of Ghana with drinking-water. The first drinking-water purification station was installed in 2009 and since then we have gone back every year. In the meantime we have build a second installation in Gbrimah and are planning a third installation in Bunglung.

Project Bunglung (2013)

Water4Ghana has build a new installation in 2013-2014, together with the local community of Bunglung and our partners in Tamale. We have build an installation similar to the installation in Gbrimah.

Project Gbrimah (2012)

The Gbirmah project was different because we rehabilitated an old and broke borehole. Together with the local community we dug a waterleiding of 400 meters to the center of the village. After that we installed onder andere a solar pump, solar panels, filters, a UV-lamp and a polytank. The project suplies cold and clean water straight to the center of the village and uses 15m² a day.

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Project Wovoguma (2009-2011)

The construction of a first small-scale water purification installation in Wovoguma, near Tamale. This installation is a proof of concept and provides 3000 people with drinking water. A sustainable and technically simple installation was developed. This installation was partly based on Oxfam’s “Water supply scheme for emergencies”.

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Belgian staff members

  • Dirk Vanhecke
  • Paul Van Dessel
  • Floriaan van Mechelen
  • Jonathan Feremans
  • Jef De Jonge
  • Toon Verlinden
  • All the students who went to Ghana to work on the project: Jochem Machiels, Floriaan Van Mechelen, Dries Seuntjes, Maxime Vermetten, Jonathan Feremans, Kristof Boydens, Thomas van Dam, Loes Derks, Charlotte Van Bocklaer, Bram Mensaer, Alexander, Wouter Eeckhout, Wouter Van der heijden, Dimitri Sas, Koen Belmans

Ghanaian Partners

  • Tamale Polytechnic University
  • Revsodep (for projects in Wovoguma & Gbrimah)
  • Communities of Wovoguma, Gbrimah and Bunglung

Contact details

If you got any questions on the project or you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us all together, quick and easy, via the contactform.